Quality and Processing



Mace Foods provides samples with analyses carried out by certified Kenyan and European laboratories. Mace Foods can provide customary microbiological analyses and tests on pesticide residuals and aflatoxins (HPLC method).

On request, Mace Foods can also provide additional analyses like Scoville pungency test and other relevant tests.

Fumigation and pest

The accredited Kenyan subsidiary of a specialised international company fumigates the Mace Foods factory regularly following EU standards. Before shipment the goods are fumigated (EU regulation). A contracted firm carries out and monitors pest several time per month..


Mace Foods is fully aware of the necessity to comply with environmental and social standards. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (CSRS) is a key element for Mace Foods in the whole production chain, from the seeds to the shipment. Mace Foods follows the “Global Performance – Monitoring System” (GP) that tests and verifies the ability of Mace Foods to comply with any standards appointed by the buyers.



Mace Foods applies the code of practice accepted in the food industry following EU standards. Workers are provided with protective clothing.

ISO 22000

Mace Foods is doing an ISO 22000 – 2012 training that includes the implementation of the Codex HACCP. A certification is planned before the end of the year 2013.

Processing and Quality Control

African Birds Eye chillies processing line for bulk

  • Reception of raw material from own fields or contract farmers
  • Inspection according to the specifications to make sure that all the fruits are whole and free from mould, disease and pests
  • Drying in a controlled environment (green house) to the required moisture content (11-12%)
  • Grading of chilli to have a homogenous colour, size and shape
  • Fumigation according to customers’ requirements
  • Passing through the magnetic separator
  • Final product control and packaging
  • Shipment in hygienic controlled container

The other processing lines follow similar procedures. The processing is exclusively done in own factory.

Quality Drying


What's new?


Mace Foods uses packaging material as requested by the European food industry, usually polyethylene sacks or, on request, paper bags with aluminium foil lining.

Bag weight: 25 kg



Mace Foods normally ships full 20 feet containers by train or lorry from Eldoret to the harbour of Mombasa and further by sea to Europe.

A 20 feet container has a capacity of 7.250 kg bird's eye chillies or 13.000 kg chilli powder.

Shipment time from Eldoret to a European harbour is 6 to 8 weeks depending upon the final destination.